Bambina – Japanese lyrics, Romanization, English trans (full official lyrics – fixed)

Japanese lyrics

ごきげんよう子猫ちゃんお楽しみの時間ですちゃんとシミュレーションしてきたかいAre you ready ?いい子にご褒美あげようそろそろ限界なんでしょ?目移りしないで待ってたかい?Ride on time yeah !

Here ! もっともっとWe ! It’s so crazyGo !! 暑くなれここからはもう戻れないよNonstop express Forever 僕に夢中

**Check it out ! Super Show !開け open your heart待たせた分たっぷり everybodyEndless show ! ご機嫌いかが退屈させないよレーザービームアタック完璧だろ?Bambina 簡単だろ? BambinaOh oh everybody Welcome Super Show !探せ open your mind心ゆくまでさぁ ブルーライトエクスタシー

調子はどうだい子猫ちゃん君たちありきの僕らです重大なミッション果たしにきたんだAre you okay ?特別いい子にしてたら教えてあげるよ A to Zなんもかも忘れてとりあえずRide on now yeah !

Feel ! もっともっとSo ! 近づいてGood !! Crazy for youこの先はもう離さないよSpecial expressForever 君は夢中

Repeat **

果てしない宇宙に旅に出よう my twinkle starついておいでよI want to see your smile

Repeat **


Gokigenyou koneko-chanOtanoshimi no jikan desuChanto simulation shitekita kaiAre you ready ?Ii ko ni wa gohoubi ageyouSorosoro genkai nandesho ?Meutsuri shinaide matteta kaiRide on time yeah !

Here ! Motto mottoWe ! It’s so crazy Go !! Atsuku nareKokokara wa mou modorenai yoNonstop expressForever boku ni muchuu

**Check it out ! Super Show !Hirake open your heartMataseta bun tappuri everybodyEndless show gokigen ikagaTaikutsu sasenaiyo reza beam attackKanpeki daro ? Bambina, Kantan daro ? BambinaOh oh everybodyWelcome Super Show ! Sagase on your mindKokoro yuku made sa buru raito ecstasy

Choushi wa doudai koneko-chanKimitachi ariki no bokura desuJuudai na mission hatashini kitandaAre you okay ?Tokubetsu ii ko ni shitetaraOshiete ageruyo A to ZNanmokamo wasurete toriaezuRide on now yeah !

Feel ! Motto mottoSo ! ChikazuiteGood !! Crazy for youKono saki wa mou hanasanaiyoSpecial expressForever kimi wa muchuu

Repeat **

Hateshinai uchuu niTabi ni deyou my twinkle starTsuite oide yoI want to see your smile

Repeat **

English trans

Nice to meet you, little kittensThis is pleasure timeDid you properly come with the simulationAre you ready ?Lets reward the good kidAt your limit soon isn’t it ?Did you wait and didn’t get distracted ?Ride on time yeah

Here ! More and moreWe ! It’s so crazyGo !! It’s getting hotYou can’t back off from now onNonstop expressForever concentrate on me

**Check it out ! Super Show !Open it open your heartThe wait was long enough everybodyEndless show, how about you ?We won’t make you feel bored, laser beam attackPerfect isn’t it ? Bambina Simple isn’t it ? BambinaOh oh everybodyWelcome Super Show !Search it open your mindTo your heart, blue light ecstasy

How about your mood, little kittens ?We are originating from you We came to achieve the important missionAre you okay ?Making them the special good kidWe can teach you A to ZJust forget about everything by the wayRide on now yeah !

Feel ! More and moreSo ! It’s getting closerGo !! Crazy for youYou can’t separate from now on Special express Forever you’re in ecstasy

Repeat **

In the endless universeLet’s get out on a journey my twinkle starLet’s go with meI want to see your smile

Repeat **

-Please take out with full credit. Its not easy to translate so please respect other people’s hardwork.

Japanese lyrics, Romanization & English trans by: @hyukarmpits ||



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